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Creating unique and highly relevant Asian focused research is central to our core activity. Its findings power our programmes and advisory services with contextually relevant solutions and distinctive content.

ICLIF’s Human Capital Consulting Survey 2017

ICLIF’s Human Capital Consulting Survey 2017 looks at the real-world correlation between IMPORTANCE and PERFORMANCE for 10 critical pillars in human capital management. We asked participants to assess the 1) IMPORTANCE of each pillar for achieving the objectives of their organisation’s current business plan (or strategy), and 2) their organisation’s current PERFORMANCE or progress in that pillar. Our respondents comprised public and private sector organisations from 17 industries and with headquarters in 18 countries. Find out more about the results here.

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Open Source Leadership: Report of The United Arab Emirates

Open Source Leadership is a global study undertaken by the Iclif Leadership and Governance Centre spanning 28 countries and it includes the responses of approximately 16,000 senior to mid-level executives. The study is designed to explore the form of leadership required to tackle the daunting challenges and exciting opportunities of the 21st century where everything is transparent and the workforce has more empowerment and freedom than ever before. It also explores the drivers of motivation for superior performance in the highly connected and fast-moving environment. Through a structured questionnaire, this report highlights the survey results of the United Arab Emirates in comparison to the findings from the overall global results.

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Asian Leadership Index

The Asian Leadership Index research explores followers’ expectations of their leaders in 18 Asian countries. Through high-touch interviews, we asked approximately 4000 employees in companies operating across Asia-Pacific to describe what matters to them in an ideal leader and what is missing from the leaders to whom they currently report to.

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Leadership Energy

Staying the course in the face of resistance, unpopularity and loneliness requires tremendous inner strength. This strength is the fuel that keeps real leaders from giving up, and we call it Leadership Energy. We asked 10,000 randomly selected people from 27 countries to answer three questions about leadership and personal success. Next, we asked the same three questions to about 500 people whom we had educated on leadership energy and its three sources via a two-day conference. Our goal was to see if those with a bit of context and education would answer the questions differently compared to the randomly selected survey respondents without context or education. The essence of this research is captured in the article entitled, Quantum Mechanics, Spirituality and Leadership.

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Insurance Sector Report
Corporate Governance: Insurance Sector Report

This study reviews the corporate governance practices of 50 of the largest public listed Asia-Pacific insurance companies by market capitalisation. The report provides practical recommendations for improving the insurance sector corporate governance practices.

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