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Women Leaders Add To The Bottom Line

It is no secret that a greater representation of women in organisations brings great benefits – broadening the range of perspectives in the decision-making process, stimulating critical thinking and creativity thus heightening business results. A recent global study from over 21,000 publicly traded companies in 91 countries showed that when a minimum of 30 percent of leadership positions comprises of women, 6 percent is added to the net profit margin.

Yet There Are Not Enough Of Them

While it clearly pays to have more women in leadership roles, women continue to be under-represented within the ranks of top management. After over two decades of effort by organisations to advance women to leadership positions, the numbers remain small.

Why Aren’t There More Women Leaders?

Have we been treating the real cause of the problem or merely addressing symptoms with costly measures? Are we missing out on the greater, more critical barriers that impede women’s advancement to the C-suite and beyond?

Uncover Your Personal Leadership

A Leader Is Waiting To Be Discovered Within You

Iclif’s “Women of the World: Be The Change” programme gets to the heart of these questions and takes a uniquely different approach to addressing the issue of women in leadership. We believe the key to diminishing the gender divide lies less in organisational initiatives and culture and more within the women themselves

Once personal leadership energy is uncovered, women are capable of becoming strong leaders. The programme will facilitate this powerful discovery, empowering participants to develop themselves into leaders who can make a difference in their own special way, using their own special strengths.

Embark On A Journey Of Personal Discovery

Iclif’s signature content is combined with an immersion experience at an exotic location, coupled with an up close and personal dynamic leadership experience. Participants will learn by engaging, interacting with and receiving practical guidance from senior women leaders who have overcome formidable barriers to reach the top. Participants will also draw on a valuable network of peers and develop lasting relationships to support their leadership journey.

Puducherry, India

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Programme Fee
RM15,000 / USD3,400
100% HRDF Claimable (Malaysia)

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Programme Director and Faculty

Rajeev Peshawaria

CEO of the Iclif Leadership and Governance Centre, author of the Wall Street Journal and Amazon best seller Open Source…

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