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Leadership Energy is what drives all leaders. It is the common currency of leadership. Amidst the unpredictable, fast-changing world rife with technological disruption, economic vulnerability and differences in values, leaders are bound to face countless challenges and resistance when trying to pursue their goals and ambitions. We believe that leadership energy is fundamentally what keeps you going without giving up or compromising.

Have you ever looked in awe at people who seem to have boundless energy? People who are able to bring others with them towards a better future? What about those who face great adversities in their lives, yet fought through obstacles and challenges with unimaginable persistence and enthusiasm?

“Where does such energy come from?” “How can I get that?” Discover the answers to these questions and more in this ground-breaking course that integrates the art of leadership and the science of energy to help you achieve sustained success.

In this one-day programme, you will learn how to harness your own leadership energy.The good news is, it’s within you. Once you find it, you will see leadership through new eyes, and achieve results that truly resonate.

**This programme is part of the Accelerate Workshop Series.

Learning Objectives

At the end of the workshop, participants will be able to:

  • Understand how leadership energy flows
  • Learn to build and ignite their leadership potential
  • Leverage energy catalysts and build resonance for success
  • Recognize the need to control and channel their energy towards productive output
  • Drive themselves and others to mutually-beneficial change

Workshop At A Glance

What is Leadership Energy?

  • The Input – Process – Output equation and brain-based leadership
  • The Three Laws of Leadership Energy

The Leadership Energy Journey
  • It’s the dream which keeps us awake at night that matters
  • 8-step process of how to make the most of your leadership energy
  • Build your catalyst and resonance effects

B.A.S.E. model for leading change
  • Discover the brain’s secret to get everyone – anyone – to change
  • Shift your BASE, be resilient, and watch the results

Get started – where are you on the Leadership Energy Journey
  • Find where you are and decide what to do

Who Should Attend?

Aspiring leaders. It does not matter what you do – whether you are a line manager, C-Level executive, entrepreneur, or simply an individual wanting to make a difference, you can learn to unleash your leadership energy.

Unleashing Your Leadership Energy : Module 1 of the Accelerated Workshop Series by Dr Thun
Presented in a modular format, with each of its six modules covering a specific – and essential – leadership skill as part of a workshop, the ICLIF programme is designed with content that is workplace-ready.

Iclif Learning Centre, Kuala Lumpur

This workshop is part of the Accelerate Workshop Series
Complete Course (Cover 6 workshops)
RM 9,900 / USD 2,475
Module A (3 one-day workshops + 1 two-day workshop)
RM 7,000 / USD 1,750
Module B (3 one-day workshops)
RM 4,800 / USD 1,200
Single Pass to one-day workshop
RM1,888 / USD475
*Price shown is not inclusive of 6% GST.
Please contact our Client Strategists for special discounts or customisations.

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Programme Director and Faculty

Dr. Thun Thamrongnawasawat

Dr Thun Thamrongnawasawat, author of Brain-Based Leadership (Nation Books, 2014), Brain-Based Leadership: The Models (2016) and a regular newspaper columnist,…

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