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From taxi rides, hotel stays, to paying and communicating – almost everything we knew as normal is changing at breakneck speed. Ordinary people are more empowered than ever before, and leaders forever exposed. In the 21st Century, life and business have become “Open Source” with the advent of free knowledge, abundant talent, and total transparency. To succeed and thrive in this new reality, our thoughts and actions must also become open source.
  • As a business or societal leader, are you ready for this open source era?
  • Are your organisation’s leadership and management practices keeping up with the fourth industrial revolution that is currently underway?
  Only those who adopt a mind-set of changing faster than change itself will survive. More so than ever before, it is time for both established and aspiring business leaders to question conventional wisdom and adopt open source thinking. Some of the key challenges addressed in this programme are:
  • How must leadership be redefined in the open source era?
  • What style of leadership is best for creating breakthrough success in today’s environment?
  • How to inspire, manage, measure, and reward performance at a time when a significant section of the workforce is opting for free agency rather than traditional full-time employment?
  • How to innovate quickly, more often, and to create a pipeline of visionary future leaders?
Whether we like it or not, the open source era is upon us. Rather than trying to resist the megatrends shaping society, we will all be better off accepting the new reality and asking what we need to change about ourselves and our organisations to survive and thrive.   Based upon the book Open Source Leadership, this programme helps you start this endeavour of reinventing management when there’s no more business as usual. Open Source Leadership rewrites the rules of management, giving you a unique look at the most common misperceptions, illusions, and downright wrong information you’ve been getting about what works and what doesn’t. It provides a new, counterintuitive model for seizing a competitive edge in any industry. Open Source Leadership will convince you that in the open source era:  
  • ‘Positive autocracy’ must replace democratic leadership
  • Talent and innovation are abundant not scarce
  • Early identification of high-potentials is counter-productive, and
  • Setting employees free to do as little as they want will increase productivity

Day 1 AM

  • No more business as usual
  • Leadership Energy trumps competencies and best practices (Complete Open Source survey prior to lunch break)

Day 2 AM

  • Crowdsourcing for Innovation

Day 1 PM

  • Birth of the Naked Autocrat
  • 5 Keys to Positive Autocracy

Day 2 PM

  • 21st Century Talent management
  • Leveraging the Gig Economy

Kuala Lumpur

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Programme Fee
RM5500 / USD 1380
HRDF Claimable (Malaysia)

Please contact our Client Strategist Group if you are keen to bring the programme in-house to your organization.

Programme Director and Faculty

Rajeev Peshawaria

CEO of the Iclif Leadership and Governance Centre, author of the Wall Street Journal and Amazon best seller Open Source…

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