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From taxi rides, hotel stays to paying and communicating – almost everything we knew as normal is changing at breakneck speed. Ordinary people are more empowered than ever before, and leaders forever exposed. In the 21st Century, life and business have become ‘open source’ with the advent of free knowledge, abundant talent, and heightened transparency. To succeed and thrive in this new reality, our thoughts and actions must also become open source. As a director or CEO, are you ready for this open source era? Is your board, and the organization’s leadership and management practices keeping up with the fourth industrial revolution that is currently under way?

Now more than ever, boards and CEOs are at the crossroads where they can either ride the tumultuous waves of the Fourth Industrial Revolution (a.k.a. the Open Source Era) and take their brands to greater heights or bottom out into obscurity. By necessity, today’s mantra for the average company must be, “Innovate and differentiate or die.” A key question boards and CEOs must ask is, “How do you govern and lead in the Open Source Era?”

Some questions YOU may be asking...

  • “What risks does the Open Source Era present and how should boards respond to them?”
  • “How should boards navigate the challenges of a digitizing environment?”
  • “What should boards watch out for?”
  • “Where should boards focus their time?”
  • How should boards and organisations stay ahead of the curve?”

And the future is even more uncertain.

Boards and CEOs need to be clear about their roles and responsibilities; question unconventional wisdom; ensure they are focused on the right values and adopt open source thinking.

By the end of this 4-day journey, participants will be able to:

  • Articulate the key challenges and opportunities of the Open Source Era
  • Articulate the roles and responsibilities of the board with regards these challenges;
  • Gain valuable market immersion experience from some of the most innovative companies in Silicon Valley;
  • Reflect on both classroom and market immersion learnings with applications to their own organizations


Forward-looking directors and CEOs who want to stay ahead of the curve, and want their organisations to thrive in the Open Source Era.

Participants will gain insights from a combination of interactive class room learning as well as market immersion experience to some of the most innovative companies in the Silicon Valley.

The market immersion experience will help participants:

  • Gain insights on key leadership issues facing the organisations visited;
  • Stimulate participants to challenge deeply entrenched assumptions held within their own organisations;
  • Consider new, creative solutions to their organisations’ issues and challenges.

Programme Director and Faculty

Rajeev Peshawaria

CEO of the Iclif Leadership and Governance Centre, author of the Wall Street Journal and Amazon best seller Open Source…

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