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Consider this: the average attention span of a goldfish is around 9 seconds. Meanwhile, the average attention span of human beings has reduced dramatically in the last decade, falling from 12 seconds to 8 seconds.


Yes, in this fast-paced digital era, human beings have lower attention spans than goldfish!

The emergence of social media may have made it easier for us to stay connected, but what form is this ‘connection’ taking when we barely remain focused on one thing – much less give proper time and care to those who matter, like our friends and family. Is it any wonder that, in a corporate context, the average life span of S&P 500 companies has also fallen significantly from 67 years to just 15 years? That means over 40% of current Fortune 500 companies may not exist in the next 20 years.

While emerging technologies are making it easier for companies to do business in a borderless manner, it has also disrupted existing business models across all industries. Things are changing in a highly unpredictable fashion, and in a manner that is revolutionary, rather than evolutionary. So, the question is, in this era of distraction and disruption:

  • Are you still pursuing success using the same principles that made you successful before in a world that has changed dramatically in so many ways?
  • Considering the rate of change and transformation, how can you still perform at full potential?
  • Are you equipped to deal with this level of uncertainty without fear, stress or anxiety?

The answer could lie in the ancient practice of Mindfulness.

From living in tension, to leading with intention

In recent years, the study, practice and proliferation of Mindfulness has gained momentum. Mindfulness can be defined, quite simply, as Attention with Intention. It means being able to:

  • Pay attention to what’s really happening in front of us
  • Discern what’s essential from what’s a distraction created by the times
  • Break out of established patterns of behaviour to deal better with disruption
  • Live consciously instead of living compulsively
  • Shift from being reactive to being responsive

There is enough evidence backed by science that through learning and practice of mindfulness, you can boost your focus, enhance your creativity and improve your resilience – thus making you a better leader.

It all begins with what we call the pause of free will. That is, attaining a level of self-awareness that allows you to stop what you’re doing, take stock of what’s important, and decide to focus on what matter most at the moment. And that means reinventing the way we approach every aspect of our lives – from work and professional endeavours, to relationships, and of course, leadership.

So are you ready to begin leading – both your life, and others – with intention, instead of living in tension?

The Mindfulness Journey:
Aligning Your Life with Who You Are

At the Iclif Leadership and Governance Centre, we have pioneered the concept of Leadership Energy; an inexhaustible, sustainable and transformative human power source that drives individuals to achieve extraordinary feats. In this programme, we will explore different sources of leadership energy, where mindfulness is just one method to access this invaluable resource.

But Mindfulness isn’t merely a skill one learns; it is an intimate journey of self-discovery to gain clarity about who you are, and then aligning this with what you’re pursuing in your life. Which is why, at its core, Mindfulness is about not just being in the moment, but consciously unleashing the power of your free will. In short, embracing the practice of Mindfulness allows you to deal with circumstances that occur in your daily life with confidence, certainty and passion – minus the stress.

Who Should Attend?

While anyone will be able to benefit from the all-encompassing positive effects of Mindfulness, in the context of our programme, it’s particularly useful for those looking to:

  • Gain a deeper understanding of the theory and practice of mindfulness and how it relates to leading a fulfilling, purposeful and meaningful life.
  • Lead in an era characterised by distractions and disruption without undergoing unnecessary stress as a natural by-product of your success; or
  • Move beyond outdated models of leadership based on conventional competency models, case studies and psychometric tests to explore authentic leadership based on values and purpose.
31 Jul
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Programme Fee
MYR 3,500 / USD 875
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Day 1

Leadership in the 21st Century

  • Exploring Leadership Myths
  • Discovering Sources of Personal Leadership Energy

Mindful Leadership Part 1

  • Unravelling the Science & Practice of Mindfulness
  • Power of Intention

Day 2

Mindful Leadership Part 2

  • Power of Deep Self Awareness
  • Aligning Your Life With Who You Are

Mindful Leadership Part 3

  • Power of Pause
  • Compulsive to Conscious Living

Programme Director and Faculty

Lalit Gupta

Lalit has over 30 years of extensive business leadership experience and has led Strategy formulation, execution and change initiatives across…

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