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Do the statements below describe you?

  • You are a seasoned executive who has attended numerous leadership development programmes. You are committed to ongoing personal development, but are tired of the typical experience featuring assessments or classroom-style lectures.
  • You are looking for something thought-provoking, highly experiential, and rich in opportunities to interact with your peers.
  • You want to focus on your legacy, and play a key role in transforming the business landscape as it moves past outdated thinking into complex and unchartered territory. You understand that technology is only one answer, and that success in the open source era demands energy, innovation, and a new form of leadership.

This Programme May Be What You Are Looking For

Leading Leaders Immersion is a week-long journey that will exceed your expectations. The programme is held in some of Asia’s most dynamic and interesting cities, providing you with opportunities to dig deep into the personal, team, and organisational elements that enable peak performance. It will challenge you to uncover practical and sustainable ideas to maximise your leadership impact and legacy. Specifically, it will help you answer questions like:

  • Why are some senior leadership teams able to generate long term sustainable success for their organisations while many in the same industry cannot?
  • Why do some people keep going despite the toughest resistance and adversity while most others give up?
  • Why do many people depart from the world after a long life without leaving even a trace of legacy?
  • Do true leaders succeed because of their environment or in spite of it?
  • When should a leader listen to popular feedback and change course, and when should he/she persevere with his/her vision despite it?

Leading Leaders Immersion

The art and science of maximising personal and organisational performance.

Truly great leaders work to create a better future, but what makes them stand out is their ability to keep going in the face of overwhelming odds and significant resistance. Somehow, great leaders are able to summon a deep, intrinsic strength to go on when many others would simply give up. At Iclif, we call this strength ‘Leadership Energy’. It is the inherent drive to keep going, and it cannot be taught or feigned and it is not about competencies and on-the-surface skills. Personal leadership energy must be self-discovered through reflection; through clarifying your intrinsic values, identifying your life purpose, and developing the power of your mind. The rewards are immense: discovering your unique leadership energy gives you the power to transform yourself, your organisation, and your legacy. During the Leading Leaders Immersion Programme, you will start the journey of discovering your personal leadership energy.

This unique immersion experience provides you with an outside-in look at yourself and your organisations. You will learn by engaging and interacting directly with local and international businesses, and society. Using a combination of interactive learning sessions, field and industry visits, dialogue with successful business leaders, and “leadership by giving”, Leading Leaders Immersion will be personally moving and organisationally transformational.

Aug 2020
Bangkok, Thailand
Programme Fee
MYR 32,500 / USD 8,200
Inclusive of In-Programme Accomodation
HRDF Claimable (Malaysia)


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November 2020
Kuala Lumpur, Malaysia
Programme Fee
MYR 32,500 / USD 8,200
Inclusive of In-Programme Accomodation
HRDF Claimable (Malaysia)


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Day 1

  • Registration
  • Programme starts in the evening
  • Welcome dinner and networking

Day 2

  • Global trends shaping the open source era
  • Decoding organisational leadership: The three levers of sustainable organisational growth and how to shape/ control them
  • Free evening

Day 3

  • Market Immersion Experience: Participants visit local, innovative organisation and engage in leader-to-leader discussion about business challenges
  • Evening Session: Leadership Inspiration

Day 4

  • Leadership by Giving
  • Personal Leadership Energy Part 1
  • Free evening

Day 5

  • Personal Leadership Energy Part 2
  • Evening Social and Working Session

Day 6

  • Sharing the Insights and Learning
  • Personal Best
  • Programme ends

What is Market Immersion Experience?

Effective leaders understand the importance of fresh, creative thinking in addressing their most persistent organisational challenges. Yet, one of the ironies of experience and success is that it frequently blinds us from seeing situations in new and different ways. Leaders who are able to see things from different angles and rise above limiting assumptions are the ones who drive change, innovation, and leap ahead of the competition.

“Outside – in” learning offers a key to accomplishing this. Leaders who routinely look for insights in less typical places are better able to shape their judgment and thinking. They become more agile learners.

The Market Immersion Experience is intended to help participants develop an outside-in orientation by helping them:

  • Directly experience the market to gain insights on key leadership issues facing the organisations visited
  • Look with a fresh set of eyes and challenge deeply entrenched assumptions held within their organisations
  • Reflect on and capture personal and team learning as a result of the experience of being in the market
  • Promote a practice of “outside – in” learning mindset as a regular leadership practice

What is Leadership by Giving?

Leadership by Giving is more than just about providing a financial contribution. It is about interacting and learning from those less fortunate than us True leaders realise that leadership is more about giving rather than taking or matching. Those who lead for personal gain run out of energy when the going gets tough, but those who lead to give, are energised when faced with unsurmountable odds because they have discovered the rewards of giving.

Iclif Leading Leaders Immersion Programmme
Bangkok, Thailand – 19 - 24 July 2020 | Ho Chi Minh, Vietnam - 22 - 27 November 2020

Programme Director and Faculty

Rajeev Peshawaria

CEO of the Iclif Leadership and Governance Centre, author of the Wall Street Journal and Amazon best seller Open Source…

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Dr. Thun Thamrongnawasawat

Dr Thun is one of the foremost experts on dissecting complex management and business models and cascading them for easy…

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