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Leadership and management. Some are of the opinion that they are different things. But are they really? At Iclif, we view leadership and management as two sides of the same coin – intricately linked and critical to the success of each other. So how does one excel at both? The Iclif Emerging Leaders Programme is designed for functional heads who are both leaders and managers. Participants will pick up the skills required to positively influence others to get the job done and at the same time build and maintain good relationships.They will also gain an elevated perspective, allowing them to see the bigger picture and make the leap from delivering results to creating conditions that allow others to do so. More importantly, participants will learn how to lead people instead of processes. They will also learn skills to create winning strategies that will benefit their teams and their organizations. The Emerging Leaders Programme aims to address the following issues:
  • Leading and managing from the middle
  • Navigating high-stakes, crucial conversations where opinions and priorities may vary
  • Managing the performance of direct reports
  • Networking and gaining feedback from peers / colleagues from other industries
  • Revitalising the mind, body and soul and harnessing the energy required to lead effectively

Programme Objectives

The Emerging Leaders Programme imparts skills and tools which are practical and highly usable. At the completion of the programme, participants will be better able to:
  • Find and harness each individual’s source of leadership energy
  • Identify common needs and appropriate approaches to craft win-win outcomes when managing conflicts
  • Manage the performance of individual direct reports
  • Drive difficult conversations
  • Lead initiatives and interact in an emotionally intelligent way
  • Create a high-performance culture by developing and empowering teams
Ho Chi Minh, Vietnam

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Programme Fee
RM14,888 / USD3,600
Inclusive of In-Programme Accomodation
HRDF Claimable (Malaysia)

Please contact our Client Strategist Group if you are keen to bring the programme in-house to your organization.

Siem Reap, Cambodia
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Programme Fee
RM14,888 / USD3,600
Inclusive of In-Programme Accomodation
HDRF Claimable (Malaysia)

Please contact our Client Strategist Group if you are keen to bring the programme in-house to your organization.

Iclif Emerging Leaders Programme

Ho Chi Minh, Vietnam – 18 to 21 March 2019 | Siem Reap, Cambodia – 08 to 11 July 2019

“It was an excellent programme that enabled us to understand better the concept and core elements of leadership.
It was also a great opportunity to strengthen the concept of team work, trust and advance thinking”

“Inspiring and some out of the box approaches which will come in handy for managing my reporting line
not only downwards but also upwards. Thank you for the experience”

“It was a great experience, especially being away in a different environment and culture.
Learned a lot from the rest of the participants as well as coaches”

“Content delivery is excellent especially the activity-based one”

Programme Director and Faculty

Muhammad Sabri Rawi

Muhammad Sabri Rawi is Iclif’s Mastercoach extraordinaire. His skills as a leadership development expert spans almost two decades. Sabri’s forte…

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Dr. Thun Thamrongnawasawat

Dr Thun is one of the foremost experts on dissecting complex management and business models and cascading them for easy…

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