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Custom-Built Programmes

With vast experience and track record in providing corporate governance training, Iclif is well placed to tailor the content of its programmes to meet the needs of individual companies.

Customised programmes can be included as part of an annual directors’ retreat or offered as short talks or full day programmes. The advantage of such programmes is that issues specific to the company can be discussed more openly among the participants. Oftentimes, companies may also choose to hold the training for directors and senior management which then allows for both groups to learn and discuss together.

The following are some topics that can be covered:

  • A company-wide set of programmes for a large bank to socialise and operationalise organisational values
  • A senior leadership programme for the top 300 executives of a telecommunications company with the aim of aligning vision, strategy and execution
  • A leadership curriculum spanning all levels of the organisation within a diversified conglomerate, built specifically around the group’s leadership competency model and stated values
  • A series of action-learning programmes for high potential future leaders of a multinational financial services group
  • A set of leadership programmes for top and middle management of a global insurance company based on our proprietary model of Leadership Energy
  • A module to operationalise the new performance management system of a diversified Japanese conglomerate
Our coaches and faculty work in tandem with senior leadership teams as advisers and facilitators in addressing these challenges.

The following are some topics that can be covered:

  • Anti-Money Laundering/Counter Financing of Terrorism
  • Cyber Threat Awareness – What Boards Need to Know
  • Governance, Risk and Compliance
  • Culture and Ethics
  • Emerging Risks
  • Fintech and Its Implications for Banking
  • Governance in Groups
  • Current Issues in Corporate Governance
  • Effective Board Performance
  • Board Evaluations
  • Directors’ Duties and Liabilities
  • Corruption Risk Management

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