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In today’s increasingly globalised world, it is essential that people of diverse ethnicities and socio-economic backgrounds learn to work together. However, ineffective communication will cause confusion, misunderstandings and, to a certain extent, tension that will affect personal and company performance.

Words make conversations. Conversations connect people and build relationships which, in turn, contribute greatly to the culture of an organisation. Yet, how many of us are trained to have truly powerful conversations?

More often than not, leaders pay a huge price for saying the wrong words. The damage at times is irreversible, even career limiting, and this is not surprising since words are not objects but are representations of our views, thoughts and beliefs. They shape the reality of those whom we lead. However, we also see people who continue to inspire others with their conversations. They act as catalysts, inspiring action and driving performance.

In this one-day programme, you will learn the art and science behind engaging and catalytic conversations. Participants will discover how to express themselves better in order to inspire and motivate the people around them to achieve common goals.

**This programme is part of the Accelerate Workshop Series.

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Learning Objectives

At the end of the workshop, participants will be able to:

  • Understand how conversations impact people
  • Develop an understanding on personal strengths in managing critical conversations
  • Learn to appreciate that conversations are tools of leadership
  • Be able to use appropriate skills to prepare for crucial conversations
  • Be able to explain the neuroscience of conversations and use it to maximise conversational outcomes.

Workshop At A Glance

Conversations: The Assumptions

  • The good of really bad conversations
  • The Three Levels of Conversations : Where am I?
  • How impulsive am I?

Conversations and How They Move People
  • The science behind the talk
  • The narrative and making movies
  • The Conversation Structure

Real Plays
  • Discover the ease and practicality of the Conversation Structure

Who Should Attend?

Aspiring leaders. It does not matter what you do or where you are in the organisational structure – whether you are a line manager, entrepreneur, or simply an individual wanting to make a difference, you can learn and quickly utilise the skills shared in this program.

Accelerate Workshop Series by Muhammad Sabri Rawi
Iclif Accelerate Workshop

A new environment demands a new perspective from its leader. Learn how you can adapt to the modern-day work environment with the Iclif Accelerate Workshop.

MYR 2,500 / USD 625

Please contact our Client Strategists for special discounts or customisations*.

Programme Director and Faculty

Muhammad Sabri Rawi

Muhammad Sabri Rawi is Iclif’s Mastercoach extraordinaire. His skills as a leadership development expert spans almost two decades. Sabri’s forte…

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