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FIDE – Core & Elective Programmes

The FIDE Core Programme is designed with specific focus on financial sector issues and challenges; and stresses on honing the skills, and enhancing the knowledge and expertise of directors. The Programme brings together a dynamic team of both international and local faculty to discuss and reflect on current corporate governance issues and their relevance and applicability to financial institutions. The sessions are highly interactive with a combination of case studies, scenario analysis, board simulation and experiential learning and sharing.

The key learning objectives of the FIDE Core Programme are as follows:


Achievement & Testimonials

Since launch of the FIDE Programme in November 2008, more than 700 directors have completed the Core programme and more than 1,000 directors have completed the Elective programmes. Here is what some of them have to say.

  • To emphasise and reinforce a clear understanding of the role of the board and the fiduciary responsibilities of individual directors to all stakeholders.
  • To encourage the adoption of more structured and robust processes for the selection of board members and ongoing assessments of board effectiveness to achieve an optimal board mix.
  • To equip boards with knowledge on how to set and review strategy to create value for the organisation; avoid common pitfalls in strategy execution; and adapt strategies in response to change business and market conditions.
  • To help boards appreciate their oversight role in risk management and the adoption of key risks, and organisational structures for managing risk.
  • To emphasise the principal responsibility of the board for promoting a strong risk control culture and sound ethical standards throughout the organisation.
  • To create a heightened awareness of the changing dimensions of risk.
  • To examine the challenges of new and emerging risks; their impact on boards; and the shape future boards will take.
  • To equip boards with knowledge of the opportunities and challenges of fintech; and how boards can leverage on the new technology for growth.
  • To increase directors’ understanding of the rising cost of compliance and the need for a strong governance culture.
Programme Fee
MYR 60,000


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