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Are you organisationally savvy? Individuals who are savvy know how things get done in their organisations. They pay attention to both the written and unwritten rules of the organisation and know how to use that power and influence. Savvy individuals understand that power and influence are the drivers of organisation politics. Most importantly, savvy individuals know how to manage key stakeholders and deliver organisational results.

Savvy individuals also recognise that not paying attention to organisational politics can results in career derailment. Consequently, savvy individuals have greater impact on important decisions, get credit for results they produce, are not blamed unfairly when something goes wrong, are not over looked-for promotions, and are able to get the resources they need to do their job well.

The truth is, organisation work gets done through politics. Politics, by itself, is neither good or bad. What gives politics its bad reputation is when some people use it in manipulative or self-serving ways. Savvy individuals know that it is possible to use politics in an honest and high integrity manner.

Elevating your savviness in dealing with organisational politics can help you get what you want in the world of work without compromising others in the process. This one-day workshop provides a clear overview of organisational politics and arms you with the core skills needed to manage different political styles. You will learn to use power positively while diffusing the efforts of those who abuse it.

**This programme is part of the Accelerate Workshop Series.

Learning Objectives

At the end of the workshop, participants will be able to:

  • Objectively understand the realities of organisational politics
  • Self-assess current approaches to dealing with politics
  • Strengthen organisational savvy to approach situations with high integrity
  • Develop a personal strategy to successfully navigate – and make the most of – corporate politics

Workshop At A Glance

The need for organisational savvy

  • Understand the impact of politics on Individuals and their organisations
  • Learn about the different political orientations

Political styles framework
  • Know the difference between Power of Ideas vs. Power of Person
  • Watch out for signs of being under or overly political

Organisation savvy skills
  • Navigate with five core skills
  • Do your own self-assessment

Putting it all together
  • Develop your personal strategy for navigating corporate politics
  • Promote yourself with high integrity

Who Should Attend?

It does not matter what level you are in within an organisation; whether you are a line manager, C-level executive, entrepreneur, or simply an individual wanting to make a difference, you can learn how to strengthen your organisational savvy to approach corporate politics with high integrity.

Kuala Lumpur

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Programme Fee
RM1,888 / USD472

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Programme Director and Faculty

Michael E. Kossler

If you ask Michael what brought him to Iclif, his response is, “The opportunity to work at an incredible organisation…

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