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Open Enrolment Programmes and Workshops

Current, relevant and practical – these are the cornerstones of our leadership programmes, which are supplemented by proprietary and pioneering research on leadership issues that matter most to organisational growth and sustainable success.

Leading Leaders Immersion

The Leaders Immersion program is designed and built specifically for you. It is a week long unique journey that digs deep into the personal, team and organizational elements that enable peak performance.

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Emerging Leaders

The Emerging Leaders Programme provides practical and highly usable tools and ideas in allowing leaders to maximise their value at work.

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Open Source Leadership

In a world where knowledge flows freely, talent is abundant and everything is transparent, traditional leadership no longer cuts it. Open Source Leadership rewrites the rules of management in a world where there is no more business as usual and tackles leadership in the 21st century head on.

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Women of The World: Be The Change

Women of the World: Be the Change is Iclif's signature content that combines an immersion experience at an exotic location, coupled with an up close and personal dynamic leadership experience.

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Mindful Leadership

Mindful Leadership takes you on an intimate journey of self-discovery to gain clarity about who you are what you are pursuing in life. Learn how to consciously unleash the power of your free will to deal with circumstances that occur in your daily life with confidence, certainty and passion.

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Leadership, Happiness & Success

To truly immerse yourself in your discovery, you will traverse the pristine Himalayas, with breathtaking locales such as Paro, Thiumphu, the Punakha Valley and the Takstang (Tiger’s Nest) Monastery as your ‘classrooms’, so to speak.

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Open Source Innovator

21st Century innovation is about people doing good things together for a better future. You don’t have to be GREAT. You just have to be GOOD! Open Source Innovator shows you how we can all leverage technology and connectivity to create an extraordinarily better future, together.

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Navigating Through the 4th Industrial Revolution

For directors and CEOs who want to stay ahead of the curve.

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Accelerate Workshop Series

Presented in six modules, the Accelerate Workshop Series is designed to help accelerate the development of competent leaders with workplace-ready content – skills you can immediately apply in your organisation. All workshops can also be taken individually or as part of a multi-workshop module.

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