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Custom-built Curricula and Solutions

We work with individual client organisations to help build strong leadership and other skills at all levels throughout the enterprise. The process begins with our client strategists and faculty gaining a deep understanding of the challenges and opportunities within the organisation.

Based on this understanding, we design needs-specific in-house programmes and curricula to build widespread organisational capability. While our open enrolment programmes focus more on enhancing individual leadership skills, our custom-built programmes are designed to tackle the challenges of a particular organisation so that development can take place comprehensively at all levels.

Some examples of our work in designing custom-built curricula include:

  • A company-wide set of programmes for a large bank to socialise and operationalise organisational values
  • A senior leadership programme for the top 300 executives of a telecommunications company with the aim of aligning vision, strategy and execution
  • A leadership curriculum spanning all levels of the organisation within a diversified conglomerate, built specifically around the group’s leadership competency model and stated values
  • A series of action-learning programmes for high potential future leaders of a multinational financial services group
  • A set of leadership programmes for top and middle management of a global insurance company based on our proprietary model of Leadership Energy
  • A module to operationalise the new performance management system of a diversified Japanese conglomerate

Our coaches and faculty work in tandem with senior leadership teams as advisers and facilitators in addressing these challenges.

Some examples of our work in designing custom-built curricula include:

  • Leadership for Sustainable Growth
  • Proactively Creating a Better Future
  • Leading Change and Making It Happen
  • Strategic Management
  • Strategic Planning
  • Critical Thinking Skills
  • Presentation Skills
  • Talent Management and Sponsorship
  • Coaching Employee Performance
  • Converting Conflict into Collaboration and Innovation
  • Scenario Planning and Innovation
  • Integrative Thinking – Essential Tools for Personal and Organisational Success in the Digital Age
  • Enabling High Performance
  • Performance Management Process
  • Building a Winning Culture
  • Powerful Personal Leadership
  • Powerful Communication
  • Leadership by Giving
  • Boundary Spanning Leadership
  • Re-defining HR for the 21st Century
  • Leadership in the Open Source Era
  • The Naked Autocrat
  • New Management Philosophies for the Open Source Era
  • Leading from the Middle
  • Organisational Savvy – Surviving Politics with Integrity
  • Strategic Thinking and Planning
  • Leadership and Culture
  • Making Wise Decisions
  • Brain Based Leadership

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