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The next Leadership Energy Champion is just a nomination away! Complete the form below to get started. Need help? Watch the video.

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Tell us about your nomination – what the specific initiative was, what challenges needed to be overcome, and what achievements deserve recognition.

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Please share links to videos/news/articles/social media and other pertinent information to support your nomination. If your nominee is shortlisted, you may be contacted for additional referee’s details for validation. (Note: The referee must not be of the nominee’s parents, siblings, spouse or children)

Allowed file types: jpg, jpeg, png, gif, pdf, doc, ppt, odt, pptx, docx, pps, ppsx, xls, xlsx, avi, flv, mov, mp4, wmv, key.

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Judging Criteria

  • Innovation: An idea or strategy that challenges conventional practice and wisdom for a better future.
  • Integrity: The entire vision is driven by the right set of deeply held values, which they have demonstrated and articulated to their team, organisation, or community.
  • Resilience: The leader has overcome significant professional or personal obstacles in the pursuit of his or her goals.
  • Authenticity: The leader has a true and courageous sense of self, which is demonstrated in his or her daily interactions with other people, be it colleagues, clients or partners.
  • Measurable impact: This accomplished change can be clearly measured through financial or organisational results.
  • Sustainability: The leader is focused on responsible growth with positive economic, social or environmental outcomes.
  • Collaboration: The leader has worked successfully with colleagues or partners to create a better future.

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  • The Iclif Leadership Energy Awards (ILEA) and Leadership Energy Summit Asia (LESA) – what’s the connection?

    The Iclif Leadership Energy Awards (ILEA) celebrate an unconventional new way of thinking about leadership. The awards draw together thought leaders in the dynamic field of leadership energy, to celebrate leaders who live the principles of conviction, courage, and momentum.

    The Leadership Energy Summit Asia (LESA) is Asia’s premier conference on leadership energy. The Summit deals exclusively with the art and science behind leadership energy, using neuroscience, spiritual philosophy, psychology and management theory. An inspiring panel of speakers from business, media, philanthropy and science share their stories of triumph over adversity and discuss what fuels their passion for positive change.

  • Who is eligible for these awards?

    We seek nominations for leaders in Asia under the following categories:

    – Young Leaders (below age 30)
    – Business Leaders
    – Societal Leaders

    These leaders should be those who have demonstrated their commitment to creating a better future through sustainable and values-driven ‘leadership energy’; and resulted in positive transformation in their team, organisation or community. Team nominations are also encouraged.

  • Who can nominate?

    Asia School of Business (ASB) accepts self-nominations and nominations by third party. However, employees of ASB, MBA students and MBA alumni may not nominate themselves or any of their immediate family members as the nominee for ILEA.

  • How are nominations submitted?

    Nominations must be received by 11.59pm (Malaysian time) on 31 July 2020. Nominations may be submitted electronically at or email

    The following details are needed for nominations via email:

    The following details are needed for nominations via email:

    Nominee details:
    a. Name and Award category
    b. Contact details (Phone number, email address)
    c. Name and address of organization founded by the nominee
    d. The nominee’s leadership story in creating a better future. Links to videos, press release, articles may be attached in the email as further details/supporting for the nomination.

    Nominator details:
    a. Name and contact details (Phone number, email address)
    b. Relationship with the nominee (Acquaintance, colleague, friend, employee, employer, business partner, spouse, relative)

  • Can a nominator submit more than one nominee?

    Yes. Each nominee is evaluated and selected separately.

  • Do nominators need to submit references for the nominee?

    Upon shortlisting, the nominator may be contacted to provide referee details to ASB to obtain further information and validation.

  • How are the award winners selected?

    The award winners are selected by an independent panel of judges.

  • Will the nominator/nominee be updated on the status of the nomination?

    Only finalists will be notified.

  • When will the announcement of award recipients take place?

    The announcement of the winners will be made during the LESA event.

  • Are winners allowed to appoint a representative to receive the reward on his/her behalf?

    All winners must be present at LESA to receive the reward in person. Only under unique circumstances, appointment of representative may be allowed under the discretion of ASB.