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The Board of Directors play an important role in any organisation and its effectiveness will have a major impact on the success and future of the organisation. Investing time and energy in building up a strong Board is well worth the effort.

The handbook is designed as a quick reference guide for board members in understanding their commitment as company directors or board committee members and in particular, fulfilling their corporate governance obligations. It also gives a broad overview of good governance best practices which is in line with legislative requirements at the time of the preparation of the handbook.

This handbook is divided into nine Parts and four Appendices:

Part 1: Role of the Board
Part 2: Being a Director
Part 3: Setting and Reviewing Strategy
Part 4: Managing Risk and Recognising Red Flags
Part 5: Planning Succession
Part 6: Managing Talent
Part 7: Engaging Stakeholders
Part 8: Ensuring Integrity of Internal Controls & Management Information
Part 9: Working with Auditors
Appendix 1: Regulatory Framework
Appendix 2: Sample Board Policies
Appendix 3: Sample Committee Charters
Appendix 4: Evaluating Board Performance


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