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CEO of the Iclif Leadership and Governance Centre, author of the Wall Street Journal and Amazon best seller Open Source Leadership (McGraw Hill 2017), Too Many Bosses, Too Few Leaders (Simon & Schuster 2011), co-author of Be the Change (McGraw Hill 2014) and a regular writer for Forbes, Rajeev is an out-of-the-box thought leader on leadership, management and corporate governance. He has extensive global experience in leadership and organizational consulting, with a particular focus on uncovering personal and organizational “leadership energy.”

Rajeev’s professional roots are in industry. He has been Chief Learning Officer of both Coca-Cola and Morgan Stanley, and has formerly held senior positions at American Express and Goldman Sachs. At Goldman, Rajeev helped found Pine Street – the firm’s acclaimed leadership academy – and headed Pine Street for Europe and Asia. In his early career he was a banker and currency trader.

He has provided speaking, coaching, consulting and advisory services globally. His clients include Allianz, Citibank, Deutsche Bank, Great Eastern, HSBC, Indian Railways, Johnson & Johnson, MetLife, Mitsubishi, Maybank, Mohammad bin Rashid School of Government Dubai, Nike, Nestle, Permata Bank Indonesia, PwC, Prudential, Sinarmas Indonesia, US Treasury, US Securities & Exchange Commission, Zurich Insurance and many more. He also serves as guest faculty at leading business schools in the US, Europe and Asia.

Rajeev is a sought after international speaker and has been widely featured in international media platforms such as Bloomberg TV & radio, CNN, Knowledge@Wharton, European Financial Review, National Public Radio (NPR), Harvard Business Review, CNBC, Fast Company, Leader to Leader, American Management Association (AMA) magazine, Leadership Excellence magazine, The Times of India, The National Dubai, The Mint and the Conference Board.

In 2014 and 2017 he was named one of Top 100 Global Thought Leaders for Trustworthy Business by ‘Trust Across America.’ Rajeev and his family have lived in fourteen cities in eight countries. He currently splits his time between Kuala Lumpur Malaysia and Seattle WA where he is President of Leadership Energy Consulting LLC.

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Happiness: The Most Important Pre-condition for Powerful Leadership

Please take a moment and reflect on the following statements: The best leaders are selfless servant leaders who put their…

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5 Critical Questions For Leadership Success And Life Happiness

For over two decades, I’ve been coaching senior and mid-career executives. I either meet them 1:1 or in my seminars,…

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Is the Lack of Privacy Making Us More Honest?

Facebook sells your personal data to Cambridge Analytica and others to make money. Google knows everything about you from your…

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The Truth About Trust

Servant Leadership. Putting others’ interests ahead of one’s own. In addition to things like competence, honesty, and reliability, the above-mentioned…

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Five People Management Hacks for the Digital Economy

Throughout most of the 20th century, management practices were designed to maximize control over employees. From punch cards to “management…

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In Defense of HR

A general consensus persists among business leaders that the HR profession has so far fallen short of making a real…

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The Most Overlooked Execution Blind Spot

Throughout my 25 years of coaching and consulting with top management teams, I have witnessed the same problem over and…

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Forgiveness: The Secret to Innovation

You would think, with almost $80 billion dollars spent each year on improving business leadership, that we would be overloaded…

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The Top Two Sources of Self-Worth

We humans have always been social. We cherish being loved and liked, and crave society’s acceptance. This craving is so…

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Four Things We Can Learn From the World’s 50 Greatest Leaders

Fortune magazine’s 2017 list of the world’s 50 greatest leaders is out. The first thing that struck me is the…

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The Key to Closing the Gender Diversity Gap

That a greater representation of women in an organisation broadens the range of perspectives in the decision-making process, stimulates critical…

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Three Words to a Significantly Richer Life

Throughout school and college, Joshua’s academic performance was consistently at the top even while playing three varsity level sports and…

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Naked Autocrats of the 21st Century

For far too long, we’ve been confusing leadership with followership and with pleasing people. The confusion begins early and goes…

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Why We Need Younger Boards in the 21st Century

I recently gave a talk on board diversity, making the case for more women and young people on corporate boards.…

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How Minimising Management Supervision Can Maximise Employee Performance?

Since the dawn of the Industrial Revolution, thinking and tools for managing employees towards high performance have remained the same.…

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No Such Thing as Bad Leadership

If you are leading a group discussion on the subject of leadership and want people to start participating actively right…

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The Other Duty of Corporate Governance

Most definitions place significant emphasis on enterprise value preservation, which largely comprises of rules, regulatory compliance, risk management, and other…

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Integrated Thinking

This article was previously featured in Forbes. In a recent talk he gave, my good friend Raghu Krishnamoorthy, Chief Learning…

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On Women and Leadership: Three Amazing Asian Stories

Although their numbers have increased somewhat over the last 20 years, women continue to be under represented within top management…

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Quantum Mechanics, Spirituality and Leadership

For two decades, I’ve puzzled over a fundamental paradox: on the one hand, companies globally spend billions each year on…

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How to Develop Your Emotional Integrity

For over a decade now I have been asking people some simple questions like “What is the most important thing…

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The Key to Motivating Subordinates: Stop Trying

“I just don’t get it. We pay higher bonuses than anyone else in the industry, and go to great lengths…

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Are You a Boss or a Leader?

The daughter of a friend of mine recently quit her job at a retail commercial bank. When I asked her…

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Five Denials of the Human Brain

Generations of human experience have taught us that the five principles discussed in this post are proven keys to success,…

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Trust: The Currency of Leadership

The other day, a colleague invited me to teach a session in a leadership development programme he was running for…

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Subordinates or Co-Leaders?

A prominent and well-respected leader once said to me, “I am furious about how this project has turned out. It…

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Powerful Victims

A decade ago while working at a large bank, John hit what he perceived at the time to be a…

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Let the Cream Naturally Rise to the Top

During the six months that the late Steve Jobs was away on medical leave, the market became skeptical about Apple’s…

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Career Value Curves

Armed with a dual degree in Law and Finance, Jason joined the legal department of a corporate bank as a legal assistant.…

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Be the Change is a compilation of short essays written in a free-flowing and conversational style. These essays draw from the actual experiences of Iclif’s present and past faculty members, as well as the input and challenges faced by those…

Open Source Leadership

From taxi rides, hotel stays, car driving, to communicating and paying, business as usual is a thing of the past. This revolutionary model is the secret to driving profitability and growth in today’s transformed business landscape. Free and abundant information,…

Too Many Bosses, Too Few Leaders

Rajeev Peshawaria shares what it really takes to become an exceptional leader — one who not only runs the company but creates a cadre of supporters who understand the company’s goals and missions and work to embody them every day.