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Muhammad Sabri Rawi is Iclif’s Mastercoach extraordinaire. His skills as a leadership development expert spans almost two decades. Sabri’s forte includes Leadership & Learning industry design, development & delivery of leadership training courses. He has distinguished himself as a Mastercoach from years of honing his skills in leadership training in multiple industries which include pharmaceutical, manufacturing, plantation, automotive, oil & gas, FMCG, GLC and the public sector.

Sabri has enjoyed an illustrious career with extensive stints in Corporate Communications, Media Relations, Project Management, Human Resource Management which includes Job Evaluation & Manpower Planning, Learning Intervention & Learning Assessment. A fast track performer, he rapidly catapulted into increasingly challenging & evolutionary roles in his vast career experience. He has spearheaded management excellence through continuous education & mind set change under the portfolio of Leadership Mindset Change.


Critical Conversations

“Ooops. I spoke too soon. Didn’t I ?” “Yes you did. And I was about to add my thoughts to…

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Feedback or Feel Bad?

The last time I drove the missus to town for our regular weekly shopping trip I actually counted the number…

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The Blind Spot

There is, in all vertebrates, a blind spot where the optic fibres attach to the retina  – the light-sensitive layer…

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