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Dr Robert P. Bood has helped hundreds of companies in over 30 countries explore their futures, and brings that experience to Iclif’s Scenario Thinking and Business Innovation programme. Rob applies proven processes around scenario thinking to issues of strategy and innovation to help any institution develop more robust strategies and create attractive innovations.

He has worked with leading multinational companies as well as with medium-sized companies; and with national and regional governments, financial institutions and NGOs. Rob co-authored “Communities of Practice: Sources of Inspiration” (2004; in Dutch) and “Network learning: dealing with wicked problems” (2010; in Dutch). The former is a practical guide for professionals who want to improve and renew their practices together. The latter offers a unique learning model to tackle truly tough problematic situations. His latest research studies the way companies deal with strategic risks and uncertainties and the possible contribution of behavioural governance to improve corporate practices in this area.

Rob holds a PhD in Economics from the University of Groningen.