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You cannot move forward by living in the past. You cannot be the catalyst for change while remaining unchanged. And you cannot effectively lead in extraordinary times by relying on ordinary measures. Conventional wisdom, after all, has no place in today’s unconventional business environment.

It is with this in mind that ICLIF has designed a forward-focused programme to help accelerate the development of competent leaders, underpinned by proprietary research into the field of leadership and the forces that inspire, shape and influence it.

Presented in a modular format, with each of its six modules covering a specific – and essential – leadership skill as part of a workshop, the ICLIF programme is designed with content that is workplace-ready. That is, everything learned in a workshop is immediately usable, applicable and actionable in your organisation.

Through lively discussions, compelling role-playing as well as a host of other experiential activities, participants learn through engagement, involvement and interaction for better recall and understanding. In fact, the sessions are created to be as true-to-life as possible to ensure participants are able to put them into practice as soon as they step out of a workshop.

Among the benefits that participants can gain from the programme include:

  • Learning about the power of leadership energy
  • Discovering your own sources of leadership energy
  • Improving effectiveness in strategic decision-making
  • Building savvy in navigating difficult communications and politics
  • Understanding what it takes to live and lead powerfully


Brain-BASEd Leadership

How much do we really know about the brain, and what impact does this understanding have on leadership? In this one-day workshop, you will discover the four factors that influence how the brain perceives the world, and be empowered with the capability to change anyone – including yourself.

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Making Wise Decisions

Is it enough to make a good decision, when you are in the position to make a wise one? In this one-day workshop, discover how you can recognise and overcome subconscious biases that limit decision-making, then use a balanced considerative approach to make clearer, wiser decisions.

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Be the Change

How do leaders stay strong in the face of formidable odds? In this 2-day workshop, you will draw on diverse influences, from ancient Eastern philosophy to metaphysics, to understand what it takes to be a great leader.

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Creating Catalytic Conversations

How engaging are your conversations? In this one-day workshop, explore the art and science of managing critical conversations to inspire, motivate and become a catalyst for mutual achievements.

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Becoming Organisationally Savvy

Individuals who are organisationally savvy know how things get done in their organisations. Organisationally savvy individuals know work gets done through politics. But politics, by itself, is neither good or bad. What gives politics its bad reputation Is when some people use it in manipulative or self-serving ways. Savvy individuals know that it is possible to use politics to get things done in an honest and high integrity manner.

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Resolving Conflict in the Boardroom

At the boardroom level, is a compromised solution – where both sides give up on at least some of their objectives – really the best way to resolve conflicts and disagreements? In this one-day workshop, learn how to become more effective in the boardroom by negotiating win-win outcomes, not compromises.

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Workshop Fees and Payment

The Accelerate Workshop Series is HRDF claimable.

Workshop Fee RM USD
Complete Course (Covers 6 workshops) 9,900 2,475
Selective Modules A (Any 3 one-day workshops + 1 two-day workshop) 7,000 1,750
Selective Modules B (Any 3 one-day workshops) 4,800 1,200
Single pass to one-day workshop 1,888 472
Single pass to two-day workshop 2,888 722

Pricing in USD is only applicable to non-Malaysian participants.

Programme Director and Faculty

Programme Director and Faculty

Advancing human progress is only possible when there is a drive for new ideas and thinking. With this in mind, our faculty challenges conventional wisdom and uncovers insights – particularly for an Asian perspective – to create programmes that address the pain and passion points of today’s audiences, focusing on 100% practical content that are, at once, innovative, relevant and instantly applicable to contemporary workplaces.

From left to right:
Michael Kossler, Peter Webb, Dr Thun Thamrongnawasawat, Muhammad Sabri Rawi, and Rajeev Peshawaria

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