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With business environment changing at such a rapid pace, can leadership afford to remain the same? In a word; NO. Think about it; technological disruption fuelled by digital advancement in the past 10 years has led to more business innovations than in the previous 100 years, yet many management theories and leadership concepts are still stuck in the 70s.

In today’s uber-connected world with free and abundant information, 24/7 connectivity and technologically-enabled empowerment, unconventional has become the new normal. The leader’s role is no longer to help others ‘learn the ropes’; at the click of a button, even the newest member of an organisation can have access to everything there is to know about a task, job or project. In fact, the disruptive power of technology is such that anyone with access to it can do anything from ordering a pizza, to trading stocks, to exposing a company’s wrongdoing, to even bringing down a government.

The point is that the entire world has changed, and leaders, too, need to transform themselves or lose their relevance in this constantly evolving society. Find out how Open Source Leadership can work for you by clicking here.

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