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They are, respectively the co-founder of Pixar, one of the most successful animation studios in the world; the founder of, a leading online travel portal; and the founder of ONE Champions, Asia’s largest sports media property. Over and above that, each of them has demonstrated extraordinary perseverance, persistence and determination in overcoming personal and professional odds to bring their vision of a better future to life.

Dr. Alvy Ray Smith, for example, used to work for Disney, but moved on because the company didn’t buy into or support his vision of computer graphics as the future of animation. Even in the face of this rejection, he continued pursuing innovation in the field; this finally bore fruit seven years later, when Disney made the decision to buy over Pixar.

Similarly, Terry Jones faced tremendous challenges when introducing innovation in his previous role as CEO of Travelocity; when they first created calendar-based shopping, no one used it, but Jones realised that this was not because it wasn’t a good innovation, but it may have been too early to introduce it to customers. Today, it’s a common feature in almost all online travel portals. Reinventing travel has always been Jones’ vision, and he continues to pursue this today as founder of, which has completed changed the model for online travel; rather than cannibalise on the business of travel agents, generates leads for them, bringing about an amicable win-win – and profitable – environment.

Finally, Chatri Sityodtong, today a self-made entrepreneur who owns some of Asia’s biggest martial arts brands, survived for years on just $4 a day and all his worldly possessions in a single suitcase after his parents lost everything they had in the Asian Financial Crisis. His family was ripped apart by poverty, but this only strengthened his resolve to create a better future for himself. He eventually got an MBA from Harvard University, acquired a whole slew of martial arts qualifications, and turned this passion into a martial arts empire.

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