What happens when ordinary people do extraordinary things?

They become leaders in their own right. Even more so when they overcome great obstacles in their journey to bring their vision of a better future to life. If you know someone like this, help them shine by nominating them for ILEA 2019. Nominations are open now.


Iclif challenges conventional wisdom and rejects outdated text-bookish models, leveraging instead on propriety research to take clients on a unique, practical and deeply impactful journey of maximising personal and organisational potential.


Custom-build Your Curricula & Solutions

Get needs-specific programmes to tackle challenges and initiate development at all levels in your organisation.

Maximise Your Leadership Potential

Develop crucial leadership skills and tackle the issues that matter most to organisational growth and sustainable success.

Strengthen Your Governance Effectiveness

Understand roles and responsibilities of directors and how to tackle key issues in risk management, succession planning and more.

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