Rajeev Peshawaria

CEO & Executive Director

Rajeev Peshawaria 01Author of “Too Many Bosses, Too Few Leaders” (Simon & Schuster 2011), co-author of “Be the Change” (McGraw Hill 2014) and a regular writer for Forbes, Rajeev has extensive global experience in leadership development with a particular focus on uncovering personal and organisational “Leadership Energy”, and developing and delivering business strategy.

Rajeev’s professional roots are in industry. He has been Chief Learning Officer of both Coca-Cola and Morgan Stanley, and has formerly held senior positions at American Express and Goldman Sachs. At Goldman, Rajeev helped found Pine Street – the firm’s acclaimed leadership academy – and headed Pine Street for Europe and Asia. He has also provided coaching, consulting and advisory services globally. In his early career he was a banker and currency trader.

His current research centres around the implications of recent Neuroscience and Quantum Physics discoveries on leadership.

Rajeev is a sought after international speaker and has been widely featured in international media platforms such as Bloomberg TV & radio, National Public Radio (NPR), Harvard Business Review, CNBC, Fast Company, Leader to Leader, American Management Association (AMA) magazine, Leadership Excellence magazine, The Times of India, The National Dubai, Mint-Wall Street Journal and the Conference Board. In 2014 he was named one of Top 100 Global Thought Leaders for Trustworthy Business by ‘Trust Across America’.

Rajeev and his family have lived in fourteen cities in eight countries.

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book_01Too Many Bosses, Too Few Leaders

Rajeev Peshawaria shares what it really takes to become an exceptional leader — one who not only runs the company but creates a cadre of supporters who understand the company’s goals and missions and work to embody them everyday.



book2Be the Change
Be the Change is a compilation of short essays written in a free-flowing and conversational style. These essays draw from the actual experiences of Iclif’s present and past faculty members, as well as the input and challenges faced by those who have already benefited from Iclif’s programmes. Some of the most pressing leadership-related issues affecting not only productivity but also performance are dealt with in these pages.




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