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Leadership Energy Summit Asia Kuala Lumpur 2017

The Leadership Energy Summit Asia or LESA is Asia’s foremost leadership conference. It brings together courageous leaders, high-profile business people and cutting-edge entrepreneurs to overturn conventional thinking and explore the real source of transformative leadership.

LESA deals exclusively with the art and science of leadership energy. Over two inspiring days, you will be taken on a journey through management theory, neuroscience, quantum physics and spiritual philosophy to learn how to tap into your own unique energy and transform yourself, your team and your enterprise as a whole. An impressive line-up of courageous leaders from the fields of business, media, science and technology will share their extraordinary stories of triumph over adversity, and share what fuels their passion during the darkest of times.

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LESA 2016 Highlights

Ben Casnocha
David Gelles
Isabel Medem
Norma Bastidas

Meet the speakers

Ben Casnocha
Entrepreneur and former LinkedIn Chief of Staff, who started his first company, aged only 12. A bestselling author, his book The Start Up of You explores entrepreneurship as a meaningful life philosophy.
David Gelles
New York Times business reporter whose book, Mindful Work, delves into the positive impact of mindfulness and meditation on stressed workers, and the financial bottom line.
Isabel Medem
Named as one of the top thirty entrepreneurs under 30 by Forbes Magazine, and the co-founder of X-Runner, which provides waterless sanitation services to impoverished households in Peru.
Janine Allis
Australian founder of Boost Juice, who took an unorthodox route to business success and is now the Executive Director of a $2 billion company, mentor on Australian television programme Shark Tank and author of The Secrets of My Success: the Story of Boost Juice.
Professor Michio Kaku
Physicist, futurist, Berkeley graduate and Professor of Theoretical Physics at City College of New York, who co-founded the string field theory and has devoted his life to finding the answer to Einstein’s unifying Theory of Everything.
Norma Bastidas
Record breaking athlete, survivor of human trafficking and humanitarian committed to raising awareness about trafficking, and proving to survivors that they can build a rich and meaningful life.
Rajeev Peshawaria
CEO of The Iclif Leadership and Governance Centre, author and regular writer for Forbes, he also has extensive global experience in leadership development and coaching senior management teams.
Dr Sanduk Ruit
Humanitarian and ophthalmologist whose pioneering technique for cataract microsurgery has restored the sight of more than 120,000 of the poorest people in Asia, Africa and South America.
Dr William Tan
Neurosurgeon, MD, cancer survivor and Paralympian, who has raised more than $18 million over 22 years for needy causes, while completing more than 120 marathons and ultramarathons. He is the first person to complete the North Pole marathon in a wheelchair.

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