Leadership for Sustainable Growth



Dubai School of Government

In partnership with

The Iclif Leadership & Governance Centre

Date:16th -17th January 2013   Venue :Dubai School of Government  Fees:AED 12,000

  1. On a scale of 1 – 10 where 1 is “Extremely Below Potential” and 10 is “At Peak Potential” How is your  organization currently performing?
  2. Why are some senior management teams able to drive long term sustainable success while many cannot?
  3. Why can some leaders persevere in the face of the toughest of  resistance to achieve the best possible results while most others  give up?

The Leadership for Sustainable Growth program is a two-day discovery to find answers to these three questions. We have asked question 1 to thousands of executives all over the world. The average answer is 6.5. This means organizations can be 35% more successful without adding another dollar to their budget or employing additional staff.

The Leadership for Sustainable Growth program provides tools, frameworks, ideas that help leaders to reclaim that elusive 35%. Participants will learn a powerful framework to discover their leadership energy which will enable them to successfully lead their teams and organizations. Avoiding formulaic or text bookish management models or copy-cat role plays, we use proprietary content based on our leading-edge research to provide 100% practical and usable solutions that leaders can immediately apply back at work to visibly improve organizational performance.


 The Leadership for Sustainable Growth Program helps participants in:

  • Assessing their own performance both at work as well as in life, and making changes/decisions as needed;
  • Assessing the performance of their organization against the three proven pillars of sustainable success, and providing them with tools, ideas and frameworks to maximize success.


This program is designed for senior enterprise leaders. CEOs, Directors and senior executives.


 For more information and to apply online please visit : http://www.dsg.ae/lfsg

Email:execed@dsg.ae or call: +971-4-3175512

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