Human Capital Consulting

According to our research, whether or not an organisation is able to achieve its full collective potential boils down to the interplay and effectiveness of three key pillars of growth: Strategy, Organisational Architecture, and Culture. We call these three pillars the Brains-Bones-Nerves (BBN) of an organisation. Just like the human body needs all three systems working together in harmony to ensure longevity, a business needs strong alignment between the three to maximise commercial success. Iclif faculty and coaches use our proprietary diagnostic tools to first measure current effectiveness against the three pillars, then facilitate interventions to help senior leadership teams in maximising growth. The typical outcome is an actionable plan going forward, which includes specific initiatives to either change/fine tune strategic direction, reduce bureaucracy and/or increase effectiveness.

Senior leadership teams often grapple with the following challenges:

  • How do we ensure everyone in our organisation fully understands and believes in the vision and strategy?
  • How should we best align our talent strategies with overall business strategy?
  • How should we design our organisation in order to maximise efficiency and effectiveness?
  • How should we plan for leadership succession?
  • How should we lead change successfully?
  • What supporting systems and structures should we put in place to ensure the change is successful and long lasting?
  • How should we measure and reward performance?
  • How do we create a winning culture?
  • How do we develop/strengthen our core differentiating capabilities?
Our coaches and faculty work in tandem with senior leadership teams as advisers and facilitators in addressing these challenges.